“Writing is less about beckoning the muse
than hanging in until the typing becomes writing.”

If writing is a journey, then a good editor or writing coach is a guide. The writer determines the destination, the editor helps him or her find the best path, and stay on it. Storylogic Media president and editor-in-chief Frank W. Lewis has worked with scores of writers, from seasoned professionals to college interns, on everything from light-hearted blurbs to exhaustively reported exposés to books and screenplays. His role differs in every case, depending on what the writer needs. Sounding board. Devil’s advocate. Silent partner. Co-conspirator. Therapist. Noodge.

LINE/CONTENT EDITING: Whatever you’ve written — article, book, speech, press release, college application essay — we can provide comprehensive line editing; broad-stroke feedback on clarity, flow and impact; or both. We don’t take control of the work and impose changes. We suggest improvements that suit the writer’s style and goals. More about editing here.

WRITING COACHING: A writing coach is a personal trainer for your literary muscles. We can help refine your form, if that’s where you feel weakest. Or we can provide the motivation to get off — sorry, on your butt and bang out sets. Of sentences.

For references from some of the authors, publishers and journalists we’ve worked with, visit Frank’s LinkedIn page.

(Quote: David Carr, The New York Times)