screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-3-03-30-pmCongratulations on finishing the first draft! Now comes the hard part — revising. But you don’t have to go it alone. Storylogic Media can provide detailed feedback on:

Structure: Does the story begin “as close to the end as possible”, as Kurt Vonnegut advised? Does the narrative progress in a coherent way? Does it move at a pace that will hold a reader’s interest while also providing the details and background that bring the characters and setting to life? Is there a discernible beginning, middle and end? Are there peaks and valleys in the action that trend upward toward the climax?

Voice: Does the point of view from which the author is writing suit the story, and does the author adhere to it throughout? Is the writing style also suitable and consistent? How will the writing “sound” in the reader’s head? Do the writer’s stylistic choices seem natural, or arbitrary and jarring? Is the writer using words that are clear, direct and varied? Is the writer using too much passive voice or relying too heavily on adverbs?

Engagement: Are the characters believable enough that readers will care what happens to them? Will they feel invested in the outcome of the characters’ literal or metaphorical journeys? If the story is fantastical, is the internal logic sufficient to maintain the suspension of disbelief? (Related: Has the author spent too much or too little time on world building?)

Storylogic Media’s editor-in-chief, Frank W. Lewis, provides written and verbal feedback. Writing is a process, and his role as an editor is to contribute to the writer’s process, not assume control of it. Frank has edited books for Gray & Co., Publishers and others. See some recommendations on his LinkedIn page.

If you sign up before Dec. 7, the fee will be $100 per 10,000 words (half due up front, half upon delivery of feedback). For more information, contact us.