“Frank Lewis is a pro. I have contracted with him regularly to produce consumer and semi-technical content, and am always pleased with the outcome. He listens well, understands the job and goes the extra mile to educate himself about unfamiliar topics. His writing is clean, lively and mindful — meaning there is always a reason why he has taken a particular approach to the job. He consistently gets the job done on time and on budget. I’m always happy to work with Frank.”

— Bob Rosenbaum, founder and principal, The MarketFarm

“Frank has been our lead writer for over two years. He has been responsible for crafting our company’s voice, not an easy task as we are a unique combination of being both highly creative and disciplined business people. He has written a wide range of materials for us from business cases to white papers. He is a breath of fresh air — he recognizes things that become valuable gems in guiding his work. He is very easy to work with, highly flexible and patient with team members who may not appreciate the task of a writer. He has taken our brand to new heights and made each written word memorable and inspirational for our client partners.”

— Vikki Nowak, vice president, Nottingham Spirk 

“Frank has helped our company greatly with web content, blogging and our social media campaign. He has also been a great partner in assisting us with the same for our clients. I strongly recommend Frank.”

— Charlie Meyers, president, WRIS Web Services

“I can’t say enough good things about Frank’s ability to tackle material he’s new to, while simultaneously giving it a personal voice. I was very impressed with his knack to take on this material and research and offer guidance as to how best to present it. That’s not very easy for someone who isn’t in the technology industry! But, most important to me, Frank is able to listen and gather an incredible amount of material and then present it effortlessly. He made the rewrite of our website content painless and very pleasurable. The best recommendation that can be made of anyone is that we are more than happy to use him on our projects moving forward.”

— James Millican, CEO, Ashton Technology Solutions

“I’ve hired Frank many times as a freelance editor to work on various aspects of our nonfiction book projects, from small fixes, proofreading, and copy editing to structural work and major manuscript overhauls. I’ve also hired him to work on adapting book content for marketing campaigns. Manuscript editing does not always start with a precise task assignment, and it requires good judgment and assessment skills as well as writing and editing skills. Frank can quickly determine what’s needed for a particular job and then tackle it efficiently. He works well in collaboration both with writers and project managers.Frank’s ability to adjust to the particular needs of a project, big or small, makes him a valuable go-to guy when we need outside help. I’d recommend him to anyone who needs a good editor or writer for almost any kind of writing- or publishing-related project.”

— David Gray, president, Gray & Co., Publishers

“Prior to working with Frank, our business model ‘pitch’ was usually portrayed awkwardly by us, with too much detail to hold the listener’s attention. Frank was able to converse with my management staff, extract the critical attributes, then masterfully weave them into a narrative that elegantly explains our story.”

— David Gano, president, TruCut

“Frank Lewis and I worked together for four years on an array of projects ranging from controversial investigative pieces to essays on sexuality, pop culture phenomena and humor. No matter how complex or sensitive the material, Frank was professional, receptive, helpful and objective. With Frank, priority number one was always the success of the publication via the sum of its parts. Whenever I had trouble with a difficult topic, discussing it with Frank would magically untie the knot and lead me to the heart of the material. He pushed me in new directions and always demanded the highest quality writing. To be sure, Frank tempered me from time to time, but he also allowed me to take risks, which paid off both for the publication and for me. Thanks to Frank Lewis, I now boast a top-notch portfolio of diverse and provocative writing.”

Erin O’Brien, blogger and author

“Frank Lewis is one of the best editors I’ve had in my 15-odd years as a professional writer. He helped me craft my voice and be creative while at the same time holding close to the facts. Working with him was was the high point of my tenure at Scene magazine.”

Jimi Izrael, author of The Denzel Principle,
screenwriter and NPR contributor

“Frank lets reporters and stories achieve their fullest potential. He let me report the hell out of stories and I am a better journalist for it. His editing always made me go back and write better, cleaner, tighter. The high quality of my writing skills today are a direct result of Frank being a sage and literary-minded editor.”

Charu Gupta, former staff writer,
Cleveland Free Times and Cleveland Scene

“Frank and I worked together for several years at the Philadelphia City Paper, where he was promoted to Managing Editor and became the first member of the paper’s edit staff to focus on web content. While working under an editor-in-chief who tended not to sweat the details, Frank had the unenviable task of running interference between the art and editorial departments, adjusting deadlines and ensuring, gently but firmly, that they were met. (I was on the receiving end of some of those discussions, and can vouch for their effectiveness.) Notwithstanding the pressures of a perpetually understaffed and underfunded newspaper, Frank approached the job with unfailing good humor, an invaluable commodity as press time approaches, and substantially raised the level of efficiency and professionalism in the office. In layman’s terms, Frank is a stand-up guy, a hell of a writer, and someone I’m immensely glad to have had the pleasure of working with.”

Sam Adams, contributor to the Los Angeles Times, Philadelphia Inquirer,
Boston Globe, Salon.com, The Onion A.V. Club

“Frank Lewis is an excellent editor. He respects the abilities of his journalists, guiding with a thoughtful hand. Besides being a first-rate writer himself, he has a keen sense of what makes a story and how to coach reporters — modestly and respectfully — so they develop a story to its literary utmost. During the five years I worked with Frank on stories for Free Times and Cleveland Scene, he always improved the style of what I wrote, gently and with journalistic wisdom.”

Rick Perloff, Professor and Director, School of Communication,
Cleveland State University

“In 14 some-odd years in and around the publishing business, in capacities as a freelancer, staff writer, production designer and art director, I’ve worked with no less than nine editors-in-chief, and while almost all of them were exceptionally bright, devoted to excellence and genuinely a joy to work with, not one was as thoughtful, inventive, incisive and witty as Frank Lewis. It’s no coincidence that in a media market where revolving-door turnover is a norm, he was my longest-serving Chief — he lasted the longest in the boss-man chair because he flat-out deserved to. He was the best I knew, and I’d hasten to stress again that that’s not just by default.”

— Ron Kretsch, former Scene and Free Times art director

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