Below are some questions for you to answer, in as much detail as you like. We’ll use your answers to put together a short story, which we will send to you for approval before posting. We also would ask you to share a photo of yourself to use with the post (or two photos, if you’re OK with showing before and after your weight loss).

Just answer as if you were talking to a friend. A conversational tone is good.

Link to your Facebook page (so we can tag you)
What prompted you to join Fit Body?
What was it like in the beginning? Did you like it right away, or did that take time?
Had you worked out other places before? (You don’t need to name them, just describe why you prefer Fit Body.)
Have you also gotten nutrition advice from Lisa? If so, what have you learned?
Are you happy with what you’ve achieved so far? (If you like, you can quantify your progress — pounds or inches lost, etc.)
Is there anything you’d like to add?